Maggie Helms


The High Priestess in the Secret Society of Spectacle Alchemy

The heart of Eyes on Trade, Maggie has been with the shop since its inception! With nearly a decade of experience in the optical industry, she has an associates degree in opticianry and is both ABO and CPO certified. Prior to finding her path in optical, she was a school teacher, and is now able to channel her passion for teaching into educating both our staff and our patients about eyecare. She truly delights in connecting with patients, and her favorite part of being an optician is problem solving tough optical problems, ensuring that every patient is having their best vision possible. In her spare time, she can be found hanging out with rescue dogs, planning out her next tattoo, and struggling to keep her houseplants alive. She is also involved in the local LGBTQIA+ community, and is a strong advocate for mental health services.

Favorite place to visit: New Orleans

Megan of Eyes on Trade


Optical Occlumens

A fixture at Eyes on Trade since 2021, say hello to Megan! With her bubbly southern charm and a decade of experience in the downtown service scene, Megan is a fan favorite among our patients. She is one of our top opticians, an excellent frame stylist, and the master of quality control here at Eyes on Trade. Her favorite part of being an optician is finding the perfect frame for every unique face, and her favorite kinds of frames are tiny rounds. Outside of work, Megan enjoys relaxing with a nice glass of red wine, spending time with her huskies, Freya and Astoria, and re-reading the Harry Potter series.

Favorite Harry Potter Spell: “Oculus Reparo!”

Stacia of Eyes on Trade<br />


The Spectacle Witch

One of the OG Opticians on Trade, Stacia has been with us since before we opened our doors! With an art background and over a decade of experience in customer service, she brings a unique array of skills to the table. She loves pushing patients a little outside of their comfort zone, and her favorite part of being an optician is helping people find confidence in themselves through eyewear. When not at the shop, Stacia can be found working on an ever expanding number of crafting projects, selling her artwork and handmade copper jewelry around town, or reading comics with her daughter.

Favorite cryptid: Mothman

Mikel of Eyes on Trade


Polycarbonate Pixie of Pretest

A Florida native, our rambling pre-tester has resided in both Denver and Boston before eventually settling in Winston-Salem in late 2020. Mikel has a background in customer service, and dedicated ten years to health and wellness before deciding to make a career switch to join our team in Spring of 2023! She loves that Eyes on Trade allows her to aid people in taking care of their health, and her favorite kinds of frames are angular takes on a classic P3. When not gazing deeply into the eyeballs of our patients, Mikel can be found cooking for her friends or delighting in time outside with her dog, Star.

Favorite place she’d like to live: Berlin

Zach of Eyes on Trade


Edge Lord

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain! Or do – He’s honestly a delight.
ABO certified, and boasting a decade of experience working in optical labs, Zak is our best-kept secret, and the one who makes the magic happen at our in-house lab. You will rarely catch a glimpse of him on the sales floor, but he is always working diligently behind the scenes – communicating with insurance labs, doing complicated lens math, and meticulously cutting and fitting our patient’s lenses to their frames. He has always found great enjoyment in working with his hands, and loves that his work in the lab allows him to do so. His favorite part of being our lab technician is being able to work with a team that he believes in, while providing the absolute best standard of care for our patients.
Outside of the lab, Zack enjoys cooking, hanging out with a good book, watching sports, and spending time with his two dogs.

Favorite way to spell his name: No one knows



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