Virtual Optician Service
in Winston-Salem, NC

Rest assured, Eyes on Trade is the same independent boutique you trust for your eyewear, but as the times have changed, we’ve changed with them. Our latest service — our Virtual Styling Service — represents both our commitment to thorough and safe eye care, and our dedication to helping clients find well-built, exquisite frames at a smart price, however we can.

The Virtual Styling Service Process

We designed our Virtual Styling Service from the ground up to make the most of your valuable time, while still ensuring that you get all the attention you deserve. After all, selecting the next pair of frames for your eyewear wardrobe shouldn’t be any more difficult, or less thorough, just because we’re not meeting in person!

To that end, we’ve implemented the following steps for our Virtual Styling Service:

1. Request an appointment

Request an appointment:

call (336) 727-3727
or email

2. Get in touch

One of our expert opticians
will get in touch via
phone, email, or video call

to discuss your tastes, lifestyle, and optical needs to get a better idea for what you’re looking for

3. Assign optician

Your assigned optician will
handpick frames for you from
our extensive collection,

based on your consultation and their professional instincts

4. Email a selection

We’ll mail you a selection of
carefully curated (and
thoroughly sanitized) frames,

and you’ll try them on for your optician during a video call

5. Choose addition to your eyewear

You’ll choose the next
addition(s) to your eyewear wardrobe,

then mail them back; we’ll prepare your frames for you and
outfit them with state-of-the-art lenses with your prescription

Start the process today!

Frequently Asked Questions


How much time do I get with my optician during the Virtual Styling Service?

The virtual consultation itself typically doesn’t take more than 30 minutes, but we’ll take the necessary time to ensure that we understand your daily life and personal style. You can trust our opticians to find frames that are exactly what you’re looking for, and a few that you never knew you needed until now!

The same goes for your virtual try-on: it shouldn’t take a long time, but we’re happy to lend you our expertise and professional opinion for as long as it’s needed.

How do you keep the Virtual Styling Service process safe with COVID-19 in mind?

We take COVID-19 very seriously, and it’s impacted every step of our Virtual Styling Service. For the most part, clients only interact with us via the technology already in their homes. We’re careful to fully sanitize all the frames and packaging we mail to you, and we’re just as careful to keep our staff safe with hygiene and social distancing measures while we handle your frames.

How much does the Virtual Styling Service cost?

The virtual consultation portion of this process is completely free to our clients! However, due to the risks associated with shipping our frames, there are some costs associated with this portion of the process. There is a $20 fee to help cover the costs of mailing your curated frames and providing a prepaid return label.

In addition, when your frames are shipped, we will require a $50 deposit, to be later subtracted from your frames purchase. Once you’ve chosen your new frames, we’ll prepare them and ship them back to you for free!

Why Choose Eye on Trade

Why Choose Eyes on Trade for Your Eyewear

We’re out-of-the-box thinkers and fans of fashion-forward frames, but there are some traditions we won’t budge on, and providing excellent and safe eye care to our clients is one of the most important. Pandemic or not, we’ll do all we can to provide you with a complete eyewear wardrobe that keeps you looking sharp everywhere from your next stroll through the park to your next big Zoom meeting.

Our high-quality and out-of-the-ordinary independent eyewear can change not only how you see the world, but how you see yourself. And we can do this with two collections at great set prices: $150 for a pair of frames and lenses from our Essentials collection, priced at just $150 for a complete pair, and our Luxe collection, which starts at $250 for a complete pair.

We make finding your next pair of affordable, standout independent frames easy. Request an appointment by calling (336) 727-3727 or emailing to start your Virtual Styling Service today!


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